Friends & Vets Helping Pets was founded to assist families with financial limitations to pay for extraordinary veterinary expenses necessary to save a pet’s life.  We hope to solve the problem of families being forced, unnecessarily, to euthanize a family pet solely because of cost restraints. FVHP staff works with both the veterinarian and the family to provide pets with the necessary medical treatment so they can live out their lives in a loving and caring environment.

Friends and Vets Helping Pets Foundation Brings Precious Smiles to Many

For years her Vizslas’ successes in dog sports have produced many smiles and good vibes for Cathy Cline, of North Hollywood, Calif., but those memories don’t compare to the unshakable happiness triggered by Friends and Vets Helping Pets, the foundation she started in 2012. Read More…

Barney’s Success Story

As a result injury, Barney the Vizsla was suffering nerve damage and muscle atrophy. His condition deteriorated and he lost the ability to walk. Once diagnosed by a Veterinarian, Barney began an extensive course of physical therapy and can now, once again lead an active, happy life.