Meet our Pets

Dakota the cat

I can’t thank you and your organization enough for helping us with Dakota’s surgery so that he can remain a part of our family! I can’t imagine our home without him!

Hello. My name is Crookshanks. I had a rough start to life before my new person found me.

When Abbiegail needed spine surgery, Friends and Vets helping pets was able to help with the bill.

My name is Abbiegail. I am a seven year old dachshund that needed surgery for a ruptured disk in my spine.

Puma got help for her feline diabetes, thanks to Friends and Vets Helping Pets.

My name is Puma. I am a three year old cat that suffers with diabetes. Without treatment and proper management of my diabetes, I will die.

Deputy needed surgery to close a hole in his heart. FVHP was able to help reduce the costly bill.

My name is Deputy. I am a Labrador Retriever puppy that was going to die if I couldn’t get PDA surgery to close a hole in my heart.

Taffy had a rare canine illness and got help in the form of medication and special food.

Hi. My name is Taffy. I am a seven year old female Great Dane that has the canine equivalent of Crohn’s disease.

This dog needed surgery on his knee. We were happy to help Leroy get the veterinary care he needed.

Friends & Vets Helping Pets helped my family pay for the knee surgery that changed my life.

Cyrus needed canine hip surgery, Friends and Vets helping pets was able to help with the cost.

Hi. My name is Cyrus. I was on the brink of euthanasia when I was rescued by my new family.

Buddy got surgery to remove a canine tumor from his tongue.

My name is Buddy. I am 9 years old and had a tumor on my tongue that was the size of a pencil eraser. If it was not removed, it would have become life-threatening. I needed surgery asap. Thank you FVHP for helping me to lead a long and healthy life!

Leo survived a tumor on his spleen thanks to surgery arranged through Friends and Vets Helping Pets.

Hi. My name is Leo. I am thirteen year old energetic Labrador mix that had a large mass on my spleen. It needed to be removed surgically. FVHP gave my mom financial assistance with the vet bill so that I could have surgery.

Jasper had a tumor on his Thorax. Friends and Vets Helping Pets helped make the surgery happen and helped the dog's owner pay the bill.

Hi. My name is Jasper. I am a seven year old standard poodle with a tumor on my thorax. It was constantly bleeding and very uncomfortable. I needed surgery.

Friends and Vets Helping Pets assisted Sam's owner to provide this dachshund a cart to help with his spine problems.

Hi. My name is Sam. I am a dachshund puppy. I was dragging my hind legs because of a spine problem.